Don’t be afraid my dear. I’ve found now what I was looking for. It wasn’t what I told you before, or even tried to explain to you, or did I really tell you? I may have frightened you off and if so, I feel slightly guilty for doing so. It was the opposite of my intention. Maybe I didn’t scare you, either way, I may have given you a faulty impression.

For I was seeking. I didn’t know what it was. Seeking for what it was how you made me feel. Was it pure desire? Was it mere physical attraction? Was I in love? Did I just wanted to intrude? Was I only curious?

You told me you didn’t wanted to hurt my feelings. Really, you didn’t. But it was that answer I sought. Just that tiny sentence which made me realise what I’ve found in you. Frankly, I’m still not sure how to put this in words. It may be love, or a kind of friendship, maybe even a bond. Yet there is no need for such heavy words. They tempt to give a certain weight to what I am trying to say here.

One can be able to share things with others which they have lost themselves before. It’s a gift. Pure in it’s kind and very precious. You shared something with me, which I had lost too, or at least, started to loose. Self-confidence, one of humans greatest means to survive. It was your sharing what I mistook for something else.

You did it again. I hope I did likewise. You shared something even more precious. The beauty of it blinded me before. You needed only one sentence to tell me. I could have seen it coming, I didn’t expect it, not from you.

Not after what I said and did  before. Still, you did and I am graceful for what you have done. I can’t give you anything in return but my own, nor can or do I demand something like this this from you. You gave it to me and I’ll treasure it.

You gave me your trust. Thanks!


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