The night we met, do you still remember it? The times we met after that, do you still remember those? The conversations we had, do you still remember? The things I said, do you still remember them? The things I believed you could, do you still remember what they were? The thing I thanked you for, do you still know what it was?

I’m still here whenever you’re in despair or otherwise are in need. Need for someone who feels the same as you, yet isn’t all the same. A complementary difference, not that large, yet enough to see the similarities and to know that we are alike. In many ways, yet not in all. It won’t matter. We meet again, again and again. For some reason, maybe the same reason we ever found each other. Destiny? Faith?

No matter what it was, I still am here and I will stay. Sometimes nearby, sometimes a bit further away. No need to be next to you all the time, yet not too far away. I am within reach, remember that, my dear. I’ll be there, still be there, as usual.

Just drop a line.


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